Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hollywood's Olympic Spirit

The Fab Five/
Artistic gymnastics has always been a crowd favorite at the Olympics but never has it had this much fanfare amongst the famous. Hollywood  celebs are getting in on the action via the social media world. Using twitter to cheer on & congratulate their favorite athletes. USA's Women's Gymnastics Team known as the Fab Five have been receiving tweets from pop stars, reality stars & even The President.

Kim Kardashian took time off from Kanye and sent out a congratulatory tweet showing her support for Team USA. Pop-star P!nk also chimed in to give her congrats after the girls won gold. In this new era of social media celebs have catapulted gymnastics to a whole level of fame and making it one of the most watched sports at these summer games.
Gabby Douglas/
Gabby Douglas, who was the top finisher at the Olympic trials and qualified for the individual all-around in London, gets cheered on by Oprah. With her almost 200,000 followers on twitter, social media has made this gymnast into a superstar.
One of the most exciting tweets had to be from President Barack Obama who also congratulated The Fab Five on their win.
Update: Gabby Douglas wins Gold during the individual all-around finals and receives another tweet form the famous Orpah.
Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber also joined in on the hype surrounding the Fab Five, sending out a tweet to gymnast Jordyn Wieber. In an Ellen interview Jordyn confessed to being a huge fan of Justin, well she is a teenage girl after all. It looks like Wieber Bieber fever has taken off.
With the success of the Women's Gymnastics Team in London, Hollywood has definitely embraced the Olympic Spirit. Go Team Hollywood!

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