Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Side A & KZ Tandingan Perform at City National Grove in Anaheim

With Side A Member Joey Generoso
Side A is a Filipino pop show band that was formed in 1985 and are known for their romantic ballads and up-beat live performances.

All I knew about them is that they sang love songs and I was sure to be bored senseless at the concert. But that was quite the contrary. I went to the show with an open mind and got a bit of nostalgia.

Little did I know I would recognize one their songs that conjured up memories of my teen years. My best friend would always sing it at karaoke clubs we frequented when we were young. The song was "Tell me" from their 1995 album By Your Side, which has been the most awarded albums so far and was also released internationally.

Oh the joys of youth flutter back and I'm 18 again. 

Lead vocalist Joey Generoso wowed the audience with his amazing voice while women screamed out pogi all night. Side A did exactly what they do best, gave us a great show and filled our hearts with memories that will last a lifetime. 

BMI Staff with Side A & KZ 
The real treat of the night was young KZ Tandingan The X Factor Philippines 2012 winner. Her soulful jazzy voice had me memorized. I got the chance to sit down with here and ask her a few questions.

KZ on being in the U.S. for the first time:

I'm very happy that I was given the chance to perform here in America and perform for Filipino's that miss their families so much. 

KZ on performing alongside Side A:

It's overwhelming, I used to sing their songs when I was younger so now I cannot believe I am performing with them. I just feel happy that people appreciate the kind of music that I bring to the table that they don't want me to belt out just as long as I give them all of my soul.