Monday, June 17, 2013

Philippines Sweethearrt Anne Curtis Entertains at Pechanga Hotel and Casino

Anne Curtis 2011 Album Cover 
Philippines sweetheart, Anne Curtis's U.S. concert debut in Temecula, CA was a success. The 28 year old Filipino actress ambitions of becoming a singer were realized despite the fact she admits to being a wanna-be singer. She in fact entertained the crowd by making us laugh and wowing everyone with her many costume changes, while singing her own renditions of U.S. pop and dance tunes.
Anne looking radiant in a showgirl ensemble.
Anne talks about how humbling the experience was:

To be able to come here and perform for everyone it's just a humbling experience, every time I'm able to hear the laughter of other people I know that I've done something good and I think that's a good reminder that to always keep on being humble because you don't wanna loose that. You don't wanna loose having that opportunity of making someone happy.

Anne's Tweet after the show:
No one could talk to me backstage before the concert, that's how nervous I was and actually in all my previous concerts I haven't made a mistake in the opening number so it was the first time I think I was just shaking my knees and I've done several nationwide tours all over the Philippines so I'm so used to the opening number but then the moment I was out there it was like Araneta all over again.

Anne was referring to her sold out concert earlier this year at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, where she sang out of tune, forgot lyrics and dance steps. Her fans cheered and sang along with her regardless of her mishaps. Later that night she announced that she had reached 4 million followers on Twitter becoming the first Filipino celebrity to hit that mark.
Anne wearing a cute pink dress while singing a Nicki Minaj song.
Anne thanking her U.S fans for making the effort to come out and support her concert:

I wanna thank everyone that came here, I know Temecula is far from other people but I know from my twitter followers that some really made the effort to drive all the way down here so I just wanna say thank you so much. Tulad ng one of my last songs I said I will always love you and I will always appreciate that kind of effort. 

My message will be just keep following your dreams, shine bright like a diamond! (Anne Laughs) and you know good things can happen just as long as you have faith in yourself.

Anne is a true entertainer, a girl living a dream, inspiring others through laughter and will definitely make you smile.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Be Careful With My Heart" Press Conference in Downtown Los Angeles.

'Be Careful With My Heart" is a Filipino romantic comedy that has been deemed the most popular daytime show for Filipino's worldwide.

Filipino woman and even some men were "Kinikilig" over the shows main character Ser Chief, who is played by Richard Yap. The handsome charismatic actor has gained huge popularity since the show aired and is known for fans to call him "Ser Chief."

On May 10, 2013 the cast was in Downtown Los Angeles for a press conference to promote the show and their concert.

The excitement around me from co-workers was enough to get me excited for a show I had no clue about. (The show reminded me of "The Nanny")

I had the opportunity to ask a question about how they could get someone like me to be interested in watching the show and Ser Chief answered.

"The show has become this successful because of word of mouth, I think it's because all  the people have been telling their friends about the show that's why it has become this big, hopefully we can spread the word and hopefully with this press con you'll be interested in watching our show"

Balita Media Inc. staff got the chance to pose for the photographers.

Although the pic doesn't do me any justice I'm squeezed in between Yeng Constantino and Rosario "Tart" 

I missed the concert that night but I'm happy but I had such a great time at the press con and I go to meet Ser Chief and everyone that participated. They have found a new fan and that counts for everything. 

You can watch "Be Careful With My Heart" on your local TFC channel or online at ABS-CBN

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Side A & KZ Tandingan Perform at City National Grove in Anaheim

With Side A Member Joey Generoso
Side A is a Filipino pop show band that was formed in 1985 and are known for their romantic ballads and up-beat live performances.

All I knew about them is that they sang love songs and I was sure to be bored senseless at the concert. But that was quite the contrary. I went to the show with an open mind and got a bit of nostalgia.

Little did I know I would recognize one their songs that conjured up memories of my teen years. My best friend would always sing it at karaoke clubs we frequented when we were young. The song was "Tell me" from their 1995 album By Your Side, which has been the most awarded albums so far and was also released internationally.

Oh the joys of youth flutter back and I'm 18 again. 

Lead vocalist Joey Generoso wowed the audience with his amazing voice while women screamed out pogi all night. Side A did exactly what they do best, gave us a great show and filled our hearts with memories that will last a lifetime. 

BMI Staff with Side A & KZ 
The real treat of the night was young KZ Tandingan The X Factor Philippines 2012 winner. Her soulful jazzy voice had me memorized. I got the chance to sit down with here and ask her a few questions.

KZ on being in the U.S. for the first time:

I'm very happy that I was given the chance to perform here in America and perform for Filipino's that miss their families so much. 

KZ on performing alongside Side A:

It's overwhelming, I used to sing their songs when I was younger so now I cannot believe I am performing with them. I just feel happy that people appreciate the kind of music that I bring to the table that they don't want me to belt out just as long as I give them all of my soul.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

What's The T?

What's The T? Poster
I was invited to cover the Asians on Film Festival and screen  "What's The T?" I've been wanting to see this documentary for a while now because a friend of mine was in it, and she happens to be a very sexy "Pinay."

The film stars five trans-women who reveal to us a little bit about their lives. They give us a comedic and emotional ride as we discover just what the "T" is.

Directo Cecilio Asuncion, talks about why he wanted to do a film that documented the lives of transgender women:
I really wanted to do a film that was inspirational and also aspirational because I wanted the audience to go and see it and aspire to be the best you that you can be. 
I wanted to go and do a really positive spin on the transgender stories that are out there by not presenting transgender women as women of victims of circumstance but as survivors and fighters.
Posing with Vi
One of the five women profiled, Vi  Le talks about the film:
It's just little glimpse of what a transgender's life is, normal girls -- just human nature and doing just what we do everyday, simple living. It gives a different perspective to our community, a positive light against the negative stigma that we are associated with.
Vi, Cecilio & Nya
My friend, Nya Ampon talking about what she hopes the Filipino community will take away after watching the film:
Hopefully a little more understanding. I hope that they'll see that there are more serious things that go on in a transgender's life. We're not just all comedians that make people laugh, although we like to make people laugh, but there's something deeper too.
What really made this film outstanding are the different characters that are featured. Rakash who is studying to become a Registered Nurse made me laugh to tears. The sexy "Pinay," Nya who works at Asia SF, the only place in the U.S that employs only trans women, Cassandra the beautiful buxom blonde and Mia a SF city youth council member.

I also got a special treat to talk with the editor of the film, Israel Luna who wrote and directed the film I loved, "Ticked Off Trannies With Knives" (A little gore and violence never hurt anyone). He talks about his next film venture "Kicking Zombie Ass For Jesus" which I can't wait to see.

I was lucky enough to spend more time with Cecilio and the cast after the interviews. We ventured out into the night and took Los Angeles by storm. I felt like I've known these people my whole life. I have truly made some great friends and I admire them for their courage and strength.
Fun Times 
"What's the T?" will certainly entertain you and surely inspire you. So tell me What's your T!?

For me the "T" is that we are all  woven from the same fabric of life and we have the choice to alter it to become who we are meant to be.