Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jupey Krusho, Oboro Charms, Lil Rae Cakes, The Many Arms Of Misha At SUPER*MARKET 2.0

Super*Market presented by Bubble Punch is a fun little event where designers feature their cutesy, creative, and colorful products.

This event featured Jupey Krusho, an eccentric LA designer whose talent involves the creation of original characters such as Memo Me the charming cub and Yum Yum Chocobuns the hungry chocolate boy.

His characters can be found in comic books, stationary sets, greeting cards, on apparel, stickers, plush toys and many more.

Jupey Krusho talks about what events like Super Market are doing for  his business:
Events like Super Market are a great way to showcase new goods, meet new store owners, learn from other artist and meet fans. Living in a digital age it's refreshing to get some face-to-face action. 
Here is what I picked up, with a few items thrown in from Jupey Krusho:
Jupey Krusho
I also checked out other featured designers and to see what I could get my hands on.

Here's what I found:

Oboro Charms 
Oboro Charms  is an adorable and sweet product line. Their items will surley cute-ify your day. Pink glitter star earrings and a kawaii penguin necklace, super kawaii, that's super cute in Japanese.

The Many Arms Of Misha
I also met a woman named Misha who happens to be a tattoo artist, she had these amazing arts pieces and cute skull rings. I grabbed a black acrylic skull ring.

The treat of the day was indulging in candy coated cake balls from Lil Rae Cakes. Jenny Rae of Lil Rae Cakes makes the most delicious candy coated cake balls you will ever taste. 'OMG, there are so effin' good', is what you'll say when you eat 'em.
Lil Rae Cakes 

Don't worry if you missed this event, Bubble Punch will definitely have a few more this year.

Super*Market was held at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, check it out!

Meltdown Comics
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