Thursday, August 16, 2012

Noted MMA Fighter Jason "Mayhem" Miller Elicits Support Following Nude Arrest

Jason "Mayhem" Miller, a former MMA fighter, was arrested  on Monday in Orange County at a Mission Viejo church for suspicion of burglary. Miller is known for his flashy entrances and fighting style and also hosted a reality show called Bully Beatdown. Employees of the Mission Hills Church called police to report they had been vandalized. When officers arrived on the scene they discovered Miller naked. TMZ broke the story about the arrest and obtained his mugshot from authorities.

As officers escorted him into the patrol car, Miller turned to the church employees and said:
Sorry if I scared you and I promise I'll be back and clean everything up.
He was taken into custody and released the following day after posting bail.

Since news came out about his arrest, "Mayhem" has received a huge amount of support from fans, friends and fellow fighters.

Joe Duarte a fighter at Strikeforce, a U.S.-based MMA and Kickboxing organization, sent this message to me on facebook:
He's a good guy, most people don't understand the pressure most athletes are put under. They expect so much from us and when we have a bad day we get slammed by the media. No matter what happens someone somewhere is going to talk smack about us. Jason is pretty 'out there' but that is why people love him.
I called Mission Hills Church and talked to lead pastor Brian Anderson. Pastor Brian was delighted to talk with me about what happened and voiced his support for Jason.
I don't want money from him or anything. I care about the guy's life. Life is more important than a thousand dollars worth of vandalism.
Nobody was threatened, the damage was minor and I bet this guy might be in a position where he could use some grace and I'd like the opportunity to give it to him and that's why I'm in the process of dropping the charges. 
Pastor Brian initially pressed charges against Miller but is consulting with the OC DA's office at this time to see what they recommend he do on the matter.

Jason Miller has lived up to his fighting name, causing just enough mayhem to get some attention.

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