Thursday, August 23, 2012

Public Awareness Video For Mandatory Condom Use In Adult Films

This November the city of Los Angeles will be able to vote on mandatory condom use in adult films.

Adult film performers are already required to get mandatory tests before they film, so having mandatory condom use on set shouldn't be in the hands of the people, should it? Unless you want to be a condom inspector on a adult film production, this new law might just have a new job.

Now that the ordinance for this condom rule has made it onto the ballot, the city of LA has issued a report outlining recommendations for the enforcement.

Diane Duke, Executive Director of the Free Speech Coalition(FSC), on a  KPCC interview says:
This is gonna be impossible to enforce. This law was unfortunately passed to try to save the city 4.4 million dollars by having it on a special ballot, it's a bad way to make law and it's a bad idea. 
I contacted Eva Bitar, an analyst for the City Administrative Officer of Los Angeles, who told me that a CAO working group put together the report and the ordinance has made the November ballot. Bitar said there is no new information at this time and would send an e-mail should there be updates.

An adult film actress visit a doctor at a clinic in California(AFP)
I also talked with an adult film actress, who asked to remain anonymous:
I get tested regularly and the results get posted so everyone can see them. You must stay clean, if you are having unprotected sex outside of work it can be detrimental to your career.
With any "job" you do there are always going to be risks, contracting a disease is the risk in the porn industry, condom use is necessary but it shouldn't be decided by people who are not in this industry. 
Adult film productions must comply with the ordinance only when shooting on-site films in the city of Los Angeles. This ordinance however will not affect city taxpayers because it has been privately funded. This just proves that if you have the money you can get anything you want on the ballot, this is democracy right?

UPDATE: Syphilis scare prompts call to halt US porn shoots.

Abstinence anyone?

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